Aboutness Statement

The Mid-Century Modern (MCM) Resource Guide is a collection of related, known sources organized into a detailed hierarchical collection.  The 1930-1966 time period brought the standard neighborhood bungalow in to the future with the contemporary design of Mid-Century Modern design. First commissioned by daring individuals and architects inspired by Bauhaus out of Germany, MCM takes a look at this important movement. Focusing on all aspects of a home’s creation: architecture, architects, interior and exterior design elements, and landscaping. This MCM Resource Guide emphasizes architects in Portland, Oregon, active during the 1930-1966 time period to area to include examples of the houses constructed. 

“It is natural for speakers and writers to start from what is known or can be presumed to be known before going on to impart ‘new’ information.” Hutchins, W. J. (Aslib Proceedings 30 (5), May 1978, p.172-181].