Mid-Century Modern Architects

While there were many architects who contributed to period MCM architecture in Portland, Oregon, below is a table of the most notable and influential architects. To learn more about each architect, simply click on the architect’s name.

You will find :

  • examples of the architect’s work, both commercial & residential
  • images of structures and highlighting design elements
  • a consistent record of primary, basic  metadata element, revealing information about each structure
  • a link to the structure’s location on the Portland Area Map page



Design Elements

Van Evera Bailey 1903 – 1980
 •wood & cedar shingle sidings
sweeping overhangs to shelter outdoor patios
•developed laminated roofing technique
•built on hillsides & innovated the 4×4 post stilt set in concrete foundation
Pietro Belluschi 1899 – 1994
•Use of NW native woods and materials
•born in Italy, incorporated European design aesthetics
•Open and airy, “weightless” designs
•used metals, particularly aluminum
William Fletcher 1925 – 1998
•commercial & residential: known for WPA project, Timberline Lodge and White Stag Building in downtown Portland
90 degree angles as a rule 
•strong clear geometries- simple & strong design
•integrated design into cloudy NW environment to capture light
Michael Graves  1934 – 2015
 •residential & commercial architect 
•distinct rooms not open floor plans
•used bright colors and color coding-sometimes murals
•made mark in Portland with the Portland Building
A. Quincy Jones 1913 – 1979
 •walls of glass extending up to exposed pitched roof lines
continuation of materials used from inside to outside
extensive use of particle board 
•simple,rectangular design of main living space
Robert Rummer  1926 – 2015
 •rooms organized by tasks
•oriented towards backyard
•inviting the outdoors indoors with walls of glass
heavily influenced by California architect Eichler
Frank Shell  1920 – 2006
 •mostly commercial, some residential
•unique bathroom designs -2 toilets & knee walls
•heated concrete floors
•square grid patterned post & beam construction
John Storrs 1920 – 2003
 •both commercial & residential designs
•used indigenous,high quality wood inside & out
•panorama windows and sliding glass doors
•residential designs mostly single level with clean horizontal lines throughout
 Richard Sundeleaf 1900 – 1987
 •designed commercial & residential structures
influenced by machine age principles such as efficiency
used aerodynamic features in exterior design elements
industrial architectural style with rugged asthetics
 John Yeon  1910 – 1994
•designed commercial, residential & outdoor spaces
•preservation of landscape and urban planning as design practice
•built living spaces to reflect & flow with environs
•minimalist & compact designs “less is more” ideal

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