Elements used: A controlled vocabulary which aids in ready retrieval of relevant information.

hierarchical relationships – semantic (tagging)

physical resource,

responsive web design – (( map, resources, any links) supports interactions


This guide was created by resident MCM expert Twila Johnson-Tate and Appreciator Jes

Type: surrogate/ preservation /database is an agent/ cultural

Intentional arrangement

aggregated Structural , descriptive  resource

secondary preservation

discovery metadata functions how users will access relational and structural with descriptive metadata

{{Glushko Metadata – chapter 4 }} selection : supports compatibility, discoverability, user interaction in finding and identifying and selecting obtaining and navigation

Everything supports user interaction

following the Dublin Core Metadata Model


Content:Intentionally arranged collection of resources that can result in supported interactions period – historical vs contemporary

The goal of this website is to colocate period MCM architects, design  elements and architecture

resource format: secondary – descriptive and representational also surrogate

This is physical because of multiple formats