John Storrs

About Architect, John Storrs 

John Storrs was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1920. He graduated from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. After graduation, Storrs enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served during World War II. Upon returning from war, Storrs began studying architecture at Yale University and received his Masters in Architecture in 1949.

Inspired by a lecture given by Portland architect Pietro BelluschiStorrs moved to Portland, Oregon in 1954. His first notable project was a commission to design and build the Portland Garden Club in SW Portland in 1956. He continued to design MCM structures, both commercial and residential, through the mid 1970’s.

Storrs had a great appreciation for kitchen design and cooking, which is evident in his residential designs. During a sabbatical in the early 1970’s, Storrs, accompanied by his family, lived in London, where he attended Culinary School. He spent his later years consulting and cooking for friends and family. Storrs died in 2003. He was 83 years-old.

John Storrs, Design Elements

  • indigenous and exposed, unpainted wood throughout
  • understated buildings blending with the site environment
  • tongue & groove wood plank walls
  • high-end, good quality wood
  • single story residential structures with horizontal lines towards the outdoors
  • simple & efficient kitchen designs with ample storage  such as walk-in  pantries
  • panorama windows to maximize light

Gallery of John Storrs, Residential Structures

1) The Nims/Bezaitis House. Originally built in 1962 as the Holtz House

Screenshot 2017-04-29 18.07.07.png
Nims/Bezaitis House. Architect John Storrs, Built in 1962 & Renovated in 2014 
Living Room, Renovated Nims/Bezaitis House
Screenshot 2017-04-29 18.07.43.png
Nims/Bezaitis House: Art/Creative Space.
Screenshot 2017-04-29 18.08.15.png
Original John Storrs Drawing of Home, 1959
 Example Record for Storrs, John (Architect):
1) Architect: John Storrs 
2) Name: The Nims/Bezaitis House (originally The Holtz House)
2) Address: 7260 NW Penbridge Road  
3) City: Portland
4) Year of Construction: 1962 ; Renovated in 2014                   
6) Original Use: Residential
7) Status: In active use as residential
8) National Register of Historic Places: Not Listed
9) Description:  Located in the NW Hills of Portland, Oregon. Wooded setting, .65 acres. 

Gallery of John Storrs, Public/Commercial Strucures

1) Oregon Insurance Center Building

               Docomomo_US Oregon. (2017). [Photograph]. Retrieved from                                   

1) Name: Oregon Insurance Center                                                                                                2) Address: 4515 SW Corbett Ave
3) City: Portland                                                                                                                                  4) Year Built: 1963                                                                                                                              5) Architect: John Storrs
6) Original Use: Office
7) Status: In Use                                                                                                                                  8) National Register of Historic Places: Not Listed
9) Description:  Originally built for the Oregon Association of Insurance Agents, who later became the Independent Insurance Agents of Oregon. As of 2016 the building is occupied by a Chiropractic Clinic.