Metadata Schema & Organizational Elements

The metadata schema used is Descriptive in order to allow for discovery and education. It includes major elements as seen below (such as title, author, etc.).

The metadata schema used is Administrative in order to provide information to help manage the resource (for example: who created, who manages, etc).

The metadata schema used is Structural in order to describe the transition from main subject to surrogates of that subject.

The major and authoritative source for this metadata schema is authored by Jessica Talisman and Twila Johnson-Tate; powered by

Sample Record listed below with the major elements used:

Title: Mid-Century Modern Resource Guide

Creator(s): Jessica Talisman; Twila Johnson-Tate

Subject: Architecture, Domestic — Portland, Oregon

Subject: Architecture — Portland, Oregon — History — 20th Century

Subject: Modern Movement (Architecture) — Influence

Subject: Architect-designed houses — Portland, Oregon

Subject: House & Home; DecoratingLandscape (Design)

Description: This Mid-Century Modern (MCM) Resource Guide emphasizes architects in Portland, Oregon, active during the 1930-1966 time period to area to include examples of the houses constructed. This MCM Resource Guide includes information about interior design, landscape model and interactive map of Portland, Oregon, MCM homes.

Publisher: WordPress

Contributor(s): Van Evera Bailey

Contributor(s): Pietro Belluschi

Contributor(s): Michael Graves

Contributor(s): A. Quincy Jones

Contributor(s): Robert Rummer

Contributor(s): Frank Shell

Contributor(s): John Storrs

Contributor(s): Richard Sundeleaf

Contributor(s): John Yeon

Created: April, 2017

Type: Text

Type: XML


Language: Primarily English

Audience (intended)general public, educators, research.